Robin Mubarik – The Founder and President of Gausus Gyvenimas, Pakistan

I moved to Lithuania from Pakistan in 2019 to study Theology and International Relations and Development at LCC International University. Soon I found out that suicide is one of the main social issues in Lithuania. I was deeply touched by personal testimonies of people who had suicidal ideations, therefore I decided to find ways how I could bring positive change in this area. Though suicide is a huge issue, I realized that even small steps can make a great impact. In summer 2020 I founded Gausus Gyvenimas (Abundant Life) with a vision to create an organization that would serve as a bridge between local organizations and community. The problem is not a lack of information, but the closeness of people. Help is available, but because of the stigma that surrounds mental health topics, people are reluctant to reach out for support. I truly enjoy everything that Lithuania has to offer, and my compassion for this nation is increasing every year. My zeal for God and love for people is the main motivation to continuously raise awareness about mental health-related issues through arts and media. My teammates and I are committed to accomplish our goal to reduce suicide rates in Lithuania by 30% by 2030. I am also an ambassador of Choose Klaipeda, the European Youth Capital-2021. I enjoy public speaking and have received the Speakers University National Director’s certificate, an award from the Global Leadership Symposium, and a Volunteer Certificate from the Geneva Summit for Human Rights, 2020. My last reward is “Youth Leader of the year-2020”, which I received in Klaipeda, Lithuania.